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What is the decal made of?

It's made of 5 year, high gloss outdoor vinyl and will last for years.The decal comes in 3 layers, the top layer is a transfer tape that will lift off all parts of the decal pattern from the backing paper; the middle part is the actual decal itself protected by the transfer tape; the bottom layer is the backing paper which you need to dispose after you peel off the decal.

Is it hard to apply?

No, all you need to do is peel and stick. Detailed instructions comes with every decal you buy!

Is it for outside of window or inside?

These car decals are made for outdoor use, which mean even if you wash your car/surface or have it exposed to the outdoor weather, it won't fade, tear or come off the surface for years when applied properly! You can however to place it inside if you wish, just make sure you do not have any non-factory tint (the decal might strip off the tint when you take it off) and ask me to reverse the image for you so it looks right from the outside.

Is there a background color?

The decal is different than a regular bumper sticker, it doesn't have a rectangular border around it. The design is computer cut out, so only the design you see here is the decal, the background you see here is whatever color the surface you are applying the decal on.

Can I take it off when I want to?

Yes, if for any reason you do not wish to have it on the surface, all you need to do is to peel it off. If its on your window or glass surface, you can use a blade to scrub off any glue you might have on it, if its on your car or any painted surface, you can use any adhesive remover and it will take off any residue it leaves, and won't damage the paint at all!

Can I have a custom decal made?

Yes, I can customise any designs you want, have any text or names/sayings you want, and even if you have your own design or drawing, it can be done! (all artwork has to be in vector format, some designs have minimum sizes due to amount of detail contained.)
Please email first for price.

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